Managing Principle

Patrick C. Burke is Managing Principal of Burke Group, which he founded in 1989. Today Burke Group specializes in Retirement Plan Fiduciary Risk Mitigation, Actuarial Services, and Compensation Consulting for corporate, non-profit, and public sector clients.

Pat serves as a Board Member for Clearwater Organic Farms, HCR and an Advisor to several other private companies. He is a Member of the Cornell University Dean Advisory Committee for the College of Agriculture and the University’s Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Pat holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

As a Nationally syndicated columnist and Author, Pat shares his views in his book; Outside Insights, essays on capitalism, conscience and community.

There’s more to relationships than networking

Willy Loman never did understand that there was more to success than being liked.

A couple of years ago I was asked to give a talk on networking. I asked the organizer, why me? I believe networking as taught by many business gurus and commonly practiced in today’s marketplace is little more than professional panhandling. She snapped back, that’s exactly why we want you to give the talk.

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What is Rochester’s advantage? It’s our people

I was talking to Tony DiBarnaba the other day about the company he founded 20 years ago. Benefit Resource employs 100 in a new, 30,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Henrietta. Benefit Resource pioneered, and is a leading provider of, company-sponsored tax advantage commuter and health plans using debit cards. In addition to the corporate headquarters, it has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. DiBarnaba told me that more than 75 percent of his of his business, and most of its growth, is from outside of Rochester.

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Casinos are unlikely growth strategy for state

Gov. Andrew Cuomo laid out his economic priorities in his recent State of the State address. Apparently, he has determined that the next gold mine for upstate New York are casinos, which have proven to be the most significant voluntary tax available to state governments.

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