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Multiple Employer Plans: is Now the Time to Join?

Multiple employer retirement plans are not a new concept, but have been in the industry for quite some time…..

The idea is very engaging…’s a way to leverage the strength and buying power of multiple employers, by allowing them to purchase a broader depth of services at institutional pricing.

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Welcome to the Burke Group Blog

Since its inception in 1989, Burke Group has long believed in the principle of owning a strong connection to our clients.  For over 20 years, we have sought to serve these clients in the best way known to us.  Now, as we enter a new chapter with a newly designed website, we feel we can best serve our clients and readers by providing original and relevant information through this blog – written specifically by Burke Group professionals for your education and understanding in our three areas of expertise; Retirement Plan Consulting, Actuarial Services and Compensation Consulting.

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