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Casinos are unlikely growth strategy for state

Gov. Andrew Cuomo laid out his economic priorities in his recent State of the State address. Apparently, he has determined that the next gold mine for upstate New York are casinos, which have proven to be the most significant voluntary tax available to state governments.

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The (Former) SFAS 106 And GASB 45 II

In part 1 of this series on the experience subsidy, we looked at how premium rates are set. Today we are going to look at another one of the facts of life: aging. Everybody does it, and each year we are all another year older.
As we get a little older every year we get a little bit less healthy. As our health decreases, our healthcare expenses increase.

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The (Former) SFAS 106 And GASB 45

Even on their best days, FASB and GASB accounting rules can be hard. These are complex, jargon filled documents that outline rules for recognizing expenses that are often quite esoteric. And sometimes, what seem like minor changes can result in drastic shifts in liabilities and unexpected expenses.

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