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The New Book From Patrick Burke

Following the successful publication of Outside Insights – a book on leadership, ethics, and achieving success – nationally syndicated columnist Patrick C. Burke brings us the short, delightful book, Father to Son / Son to Father. Based on a series of letters written between the author and his son every Christmas, it captures the essence of the growth of their relationship over a 20-year period, and serves as inspiration to others in developing deep and healthy relationships with young people.


A word from the author

My son, Adrian, and I have a long tradition of exchanging letters every Christmas morning. Over the last twenty years the letters reflect the maturity of a small boy into a well-adjusted young man. This journey of self-discovery proved to build and fortify our unique father son relationship. This tradition served to allow Adrian to grow spiritually and emotionally and learned to express his deepest feelings. My letters to Adrian gave me the opportunity to express ideas that I believed to be important as he develops his character.

This short book captures the essence of the growth of our relationship and brief stories to emphasize a point of character development. My intention in writing the book is to assist others in developing deep and healthy relationships with young people. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.


Available Now

Father to Son / Son to Father is available now. You can purchase a copy via the Paypal link below.

only $12.95


Pat Burke is a thought leader on the concept of “collective impact.” Wherever you live, whatever profession you pursue, Pat espouses thought-provoking themes that are important for all of us to consider.

Bob Duffy

President and CEO, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
When people share their lessons learned, we are captivated. We want to know, and we want to learn so that our lives are enriched by the experiences of others. He gives us a gift with his words.

Elaine Spaull

Rochester City Councilwoman and Executive Director, Center for Youth

The voice one hears with a reader’s third ear is concise, often humorous, and always insightful.

Donald E. Bain, Ph.D.

President Emeritus, St. John Fisher College

Brian J. Schiedel

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